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About Us

Spreading Light Worldwide.

We are an international student-led initiative with the mission to raise mental health awareness and help those in struggle. While the world is gradually recovering from the pandemic and combatting with violence and negativity, Light Up is a platform for those in frustration to find hope in our chaotic world.

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Our Story

Light Up is founded by Yuchen Shi, a student at UWCSEA in Singapore. Having experienced and seen the various issues that youths around the world are facing today, she started this initiative in hope of making a change by creating a safe environment to share knowledge and stories regarding mental health. 

Comprised of a group of passionate and creative students, the Light Up team aims to create and publish content that will truly make a difference on the world by improving our own mindsets first.

Our Impact

500+ Participants Worldwide From 22+ Countries


Light Up is a global community that is constantly growing as we host more events. Our 50+ core members work collaboratively to encourage more to speak up about mental health issues.

In-Person Events in 4+ Countries


We have previously hosted events in Singapore, the United States (Chicago, Honolulu), Shanghai, and Malaysia. We are always seeking opportunities to engage with those who are passionate about mental health with our in-person events.

50+ Posts


Our Column and Communications team regularly post research articles and pieces of creative writing to raise awareness about mental health topics.

Meet the Executive Team

Founder, Chief Executive


Chief Operating Officer, Mental Health Ambassador



Shams, Simrthi

Research Section Editor

Zainab, Sibrah, Alizay

Media and Communications

Aroob, Hooriya, Mahesh

Creative Writing Section Editor


Mental Health Ambassadors

Bhargavat, Warsha, Smrithi, Mahesh, Nisheeta, Fiza

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